360 Feedback

Do you think you have a pretty good read on your leadership/relationship effectiveness? Are you confident everyone in your organization would see your leadership from the same perspective? Are you caring enough about yourself and your organization to seek feedback?

Our 360 Feedback provides an anonymous honest perception of your leadership strengths and weaknesses, from the people you report to, those who report to you, and your peers you work with on a daily basis.

The information collected is 100% private and the results are provided only to the participants.


This Assessment Measures:

  • How you perceive yourself
  • How the people you work with perceive you


Why Measure?

This evaluation helps leaders of your organization develop the skills needed to improve personal and professional effectiveness, increasing trust and influence in their leadership roles.


The Process

Step 1:
The facilitator will gather assessments from the participant being assessed, and 6-10 people from working relationships (those who report to you, those who you report to, and co-workers)

Step 2:
Assessments are compiled, averaged, and presented in a leadership evaluation book – one that the participant keeps.

Step 3:
The facilitator and the participant have a two-three hour feedback session to fully understand the feedback, and to create a path to move forward.


Participants will:

  • Improve results at the personal and professional level
  • Develop more meaningful relationships, increasing the ability to work both with and through others
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity by focusing on the things most important to the organization
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance


"Working with Dave over a three year period was always challenging, lots of hard work, surprises, fun, and rewards. Not recommended for those who are not ready to make personal change a way of living."

Peter MacInnes, 
Minas Basin Pulp and Power


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