Communication Styles at Work

Success at work and happiness in life depends largely on our ability to relate well to others. Yet it’s not easy to have consistently good relationships with everyone you interact with.

Whether at work or at home, success and happiness involve relating to others despite significant behavioural differences. Clearly, if you could figure out how to bridge the gap between yourself and others, you could make your own life – and others – much easier, happier, and more productive.


This Assessment Measures:

  • Your dominant style of communication based on how other people percieve you to be regardless of how much or how little these perceptions match your own self image. 
  • Your "Back-Up" style of communication that is used when under stress. 
  • Indicates your ability to effectively communicate with other communication styles. 


Why Measure?

The number and variety of differences between people is overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s possible to manage such differences so:

  • Work relationships are enhanced
  • Customer and Employee Acquisition and retention is improved
  • Productivity is increased
  • Your bottom line is increased
  • There is more richness and spice in your life

Although we will focus on improving work relationships, these concepts can be applied to interactions with anyone.


Participants will:

  • Identify their communication style
  • Identify co-workers’ style
  • Understand how to use this information to create better working relationships with co-workers


The Process

Step 1:
The Facilitator will gather assessments from:

  • Participant
  • 6-10 people from a working relationship (those who report to you, those you report to, and your co-workers)

Step 2:
These assessments are compiled and averaged, then presented in a leadership evaluation book. The participant keeps one copy of this book.

Step 3:
The Facilitator and the participant have a 2-3 hour feedback session to review and discuss the feedback and to help create a path to move forward.


"David's gift is in teaching and sharing his zest for the lifestyle. David's enthusiasm and confidence are contagious. He makes it impossible to resist taking on any challenge" 

Anne Nugent, 
Teacher, Auburn Drive High School 


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