Energy Leadership Assessment

"I enjoyed it because the presenters were passionate about what they do, you could tell that they are fulfilling a calling" ~Participant

What is the energy Level of your company?  

Energy Leadership assesses the level of effective energy that your company has at its disposal. It shows where your energy as a team is being wasted and how you can be more effective as a whole. 

Our bodies are an energy system. Our bodies seek to maintain our energy system to keep us in the “healthy” range. Every thought, action, or reaction we have impacts this energy system. Unhealthy thoughts produce undesirable results within our bodies, and in our actions.

By raising your level of awareness of the energy you give off, you become increasingly more effective in the way you lead yourself, those around you, and the company you work for.

Most importantly, enthusiasm and passion for life increase dramatically.

The Energy Leadership Assessment is a tool that will raise your awareness of how you lead yourself and others by the energy you give off.


This Assessment Measures:

  • Energetic profile, which is your energetic frame of reference and the filter through which you see and experience all areas of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Energy Leadership Index, which is a scale of 1-7 that shows direct links to the effectiveness of an individual or organization.
  • Energetic response to stress. This is important because recognizing your reaction to stress is the first step toward reducing the level of stress you experience.


Why Measure?

Small shifts in your emotional energies can have profound effects on success in all areas of your business and professional life. An increase in just 0.5 on the Energy Leadership Index scale translates into increased success in the following areas:

  • 20% increase in financial success

  • 10% increase in self described leadership ability

  • 15% more satisfaction in interpersonal and intimate relationships

  • 12% greater feeling of engagement and excitement at home and at work

  • 14% more personal freedom

  • 9% improvement in the quality and depth of communication

  • 6% increase in health and wellness

  • 16% increase in productivity

  • 17% improvement in time-management

  • 12% greater feeling of spiritual connection

  • 15% improvement in satisfaction in work-life balance

  • 20% increase in overall combined energy level 


The Process

Step 1:
Each participant will receive and email with a link to the online Energy Leadership Assessment

Step 2:
Each participant will complete the online assessment (consisting of 84 multiple choice questions. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete

Step 3:
Each participant will receive an Energy Leadership Report, which provides the results of their assessment and two 2 hour face to face de-brief sessions. This will provide choices for moving forward.


"David Fraser has a unique ability to relate quickly with his audience, and ensure that all participants become involved. I would recommend workshops for any group seeking positive reinforcement of Leadership and Shared Values ideals." 

Hugh Tarrant, 
Inspector, R.C.M.P.


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