Leadership Development

Never before, as a world community, has there been such a need to cooperate with others to achieve purposes beyond ourselves, for some greater collective good. Many of the great thinkers and authors on leadership at this time are sharing Robert Greenleaf’s philosophy of “Servant Leadership”. This is a style of leadership that is born not from a desire for power, position or control but from a desire, first and foremost, to serve.

We need a “Paradigm Shift” from the control model to a service model, from coercion and manipulation to one of influence and sharing. A model in which care is taken by the leaders to make sure people’s highest priority needs are being served, internally as well as externally. Where the organization as a whole becomes more caring, more open, and more serving of all and show concern and support for getting things done while serving the needs of those who are getting things done.

Our leadership process has been developed and updated for over thirty years, and has been designed based on the principles and character values of the great leaders through history to present day.


Our Leadership Development programs are designed to:

  • Develop Servant Leadership
  • Clarify and develop Mission and Vision
  • Coach Leaders to create other leaders

Paradigm Options offers the following benchmarking tools and training modules to help individuals and organizations measure and improve Leadership skills:


Benchmarking Tools

  • 360 Feedback


Training Modules

  • Energy Leadership
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Leadershift
  • Personal Accountability
  • Mentoring
  • Interdependently More Productive


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