Personal Coaching

Let’s face it. Today’s world can be extremely challenging. For those who are looking for more from your personal or business life, are going through an identity crisis, or having family challenges, why not consider one-on-one coaching or family counseling to help you get on track?

Coaching looks at the whole person and the many different roles you play to accomplish your dreams. Balance is the key. But how does one create balance in this crazy world we live in today?

Balance can only be achieved through embarking on an inner journey.

Most of us forget one deep question in our lives. We willingly jump on the treadmill for 20 years before we start to ask “Why?” We get stuck in the repetition of the quick-fix world and never take the time to really see what’s causing our pain. By the time we realize that we can’t fix ourselves externally, we have completely lost the ability to look inside.

Paradigm offers personal and family coaching services.

Our Coaching programs are designed to help people reach their “Olympics of Life”

Paradigm Options offers the following benchmarking tools and training modules to help individuals in their Personal Coaching experience:


Benchmarking Tools

  • Energetic Profiling 
  • Emotional Profiling
  • Communication Profiling


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