Shared Values

We believe that you can’t fix people. We create environments where people feel safe enough to fix themselves.

Shared Values is at the heart of any safe environment. If you want people to put their heart into it, then you need shared values that people can trust, understand and be accountable to. Even organizations under enormous stress – experiencing downsizing, market reversals or financial pressures – will benefit greatly because the shared values process dramatically helps the healing process.

Research shows that companies that seek to align the values of the organization with the values of employees are more fun to work for, are more successful and are more focused on the needs of their employees and their customers. Organizations that don’t have this alignment tend to be more inward looking, bureaucratic, and stressful.


Our Shared Values process is designed to:

  • Create Trust
  • Positively Affect People Skills
  • Standardize Behaviors
  • Create more effective leadership at all levels

Paradigm Options offers the following benchmarking tools and training modules to help gauge organizational morale and navigate change:


Benchmarking Tools

  • Values and Attitude Survey
  • 360° Feedback


Training Modules

  • Module 1: #-4 months Shared Values
                    Values based consensus building
  • Module 2: 6-8 months Leadership transformation
                    Responsibility taking and values based decision making


“A full day with Mr. Fraser would assist our police force immensely.”

Participants in the Seventh Annual – 
Women in Law Enforcement
Professional Development Workshop


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