Values and Attitude Survey

Our Values and Attitude Survey clearly defines the weaknesses and strengths of your culture. Our clients love it. Defines what kind of training will give the best results for your investment. It will also give you an assessment of how well the training worked.


The Process

This survey is broken into 45 questions that address the 27 elements of a work environment, focusing on the following three key elements:

  • People values
  • Job satisfaction
  • People systems and processes

The values questions are asked three ways:

  • First we ask what level of importance a certain value has to the individual
  • Next, we ask the individual to judge how important this same value is to the people who manage the company
  • Finally, we ask the individual how well the organization is delivering the value to them

The difference between the individual needs and how well the organization is deemed to be delivering this value is called the Value Tension Index (VTI). The overall VTI score represents the level of shared values within the organizations.


Why Measure?

Based on information gathered from this process, organizations are able to choose core values that are meaningful to all employees. This is important not only because happy employees create happy customers, but because the core values that an organization chooses provide employees with guidance in making decisions. A strong set of organizational core values allows organizations to remove layers of hierarchy, because the employer can trust the employee to always make the right decision – a decision that reflects the values of the organization.  


Excellent experience, David delivers, it was REAL! 

Tom Pike, 
President, Air Liquide Canada


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