Vision Values and Mission Consulting

To develop personal or business values, vision, and mission statements that solidify the foundation you stand on and that ground you in your day to day life – personally or corporately – is one of the most challenging tasks. Often we are too close to, and blinded by, the issues of today and the past, and can’t see a clear vision of what the future could look like.

We can guide you through the process. And more importantly, we can make it fun, exciting, and pain-free. This is a time to dream. And dreaming of a better future is what we do best.

This process requires a time commitment and is deeply thought provoking. The “Why” question

Are you ready to sharpen your saw?


Our Vision, Values and Mission Consulting is designed to:

  • Develop personal and/or corporate vision, values, mission statements that identify your foundation, clarify your purpose, and provide a framework for your life’s and your business’ decisions.
  • Develop a connection to your deepest values and principles to make certain you end up where you want to be.

Paradigm Options offers the following benchmarking tools and training modules to help individuals in developing Vision, Values and Mission Statements:


Benchmarking Tools

  • Values and Attitude survey


“Informative and beneficial. Would like to see more leadership training. Very well spoken.”

Participants in the Seventh Annual – 
Women in Law Enforcement Professional Development Workshop


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