Energy Leadership

"This was not just informative but it was different from the usual self-help workshops." NSCDA participant 2013

"I loved it because the presenters were so passionate about what they do, you could tell they are fulfilling a calling." NSCDA participant 2013

Energy leadership is a process that brings awareness to the energy that you project. This process positively influences your personal effectiveness as well as the environment around you. Energy refers to a combination of physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual energy. It is about the way you “show up” in the world. Learn how the seven core feelings/emotions affect your core thoughts and in turn affect your actions and results.

This is not another leadership process or skill set for everyday leaders. This is about energy – our most valuable personal resource  – and how to raise and use yours. The results are many fold and life transforming, helping you to become a better leader, and to lead your own life. Whether in the boardroom, classroom or living room, you will become a leader who inspires and motivates everyone around you.

"David and Neale Fraser tag-team their way through a fascinating exploration of enlightened management. Energy Leadership as espoused by these dynamic, comprehensive and entertaining presenters should be mandatory for anyone in a role of business leadership. It has the potential to unleash true human creativity, accomplishment and respect by those leaders who embrace it and those fortunate enough to work for them."  ~ Kim Dunn, President, Privateer Integrated Advertising Inc. 

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