Neale Fraser "Leading Shift Disturber"

From an early age, compassion has been Neale’s driving force. Even as a child he sought to help others discover the best qualities about themselves. As he moved into his teen years he began to seek out mediums through which he could further develop these skills.

At 15 Neale became very involved in NSSSA, a provincial leadership society run by students, and went on to run their annual conference of over 700 people. After finishing high school he found his calling working with children at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. As a unit leader he discovered his gift for coordinating teams and helping people work at their optimum level. His staff and colleagues sought out his advice on a regular basis to help with the challenges of everyday life.

Through this process of realizing his gift as a coach, what he was meant to do with his life suddenly became clear. Neale then went on to travel the world, gaining as much cultural experience as possible and soaking up life experiences as they came. When he returned to Canada he then spent several years living in Toronto working at the Geneva Center for Autism and coordinating corporate events at Indigo Books. These leadership roles further honed his skills, creating positive work environments for everyone.

Neale’s next step was joining the family business in 2009 facilitating training and coaching at the corporate level in the United States and the Maritimes. 

What I am doing now...

It has been one WILD adventure getting to this point in my life.  I never expected to be this excited about working with my dad, but here I am.  It’s taken all kinds of experience working with wonderful people from all over the world to get me here.  From NSSSA, to Summit Camp, to living and traveling all over the world, my love for people has given me the drive to constantly find new and better ways to help others in their lives. 

To facilitate my passion for people, and as a Life Long Learner, I have recently become a certified Relationship Coach from iPEC’s International Coaching School.  Rated the #1 Coaching School in the world by Harvard University.  Through iPEC I have also become a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  This process has had a profound impact on my life and I am more excited than ever to share it with you and everyone around me. 

The right questions for any relationship