Changing Your New Year

You are now into the 6th day of 2014.

Let’s keep this simple…for change!

Some will have a great year. Some will find excuses why they didn’t. Decide now if you want to play the victim role (blame game) or proactive role (responsibility game) your 2014 year will only be as good as your choice.

Yes, the second game is “TUFFER” and the rewards are much, much  greater!

Only TWO things change your life:

1. Either something new comes into your life...(outside affect)
2. Or something new comes from within - you decide to demonstrate a higher level of motivation and personal power. (inside affect)

A wise man who had studied success for more than 50 years concluded that the greatest success principle of all was, “learn from the experts”.

High performing men and women were both effective and efficient. They did the right things, and they did them in the right way. They were constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and quantity of their output.

First they developed a study plan….continuous learning is essential. Learn from the experts in your field. This can save you years of hard work.

Once you decide where you’re going….ask for help. NOBODY lives their potential without help. As the commercial says “there are no unassisted goals”. 

You are now into the 6th day of 2014.

Are your goals set? Are your plans in place?

Are you committed to seeing them through to the end?

It's irresponsible to start the New Year unfocused, unprepared, and uncommitted.

Yet, that is the sad reality for far too many.

Take January and develop a plan that works for you.

With the right process, Eleven Months is plenty of time to have the greatest year of your life!

We can help.

This is the shift we do!!!   


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