The Truth About The Truth

While taking some time for reading and to reflect on how people live their lives over the summer, one thought kept running through my mind:

The truth that makes people free is for the most part the truth which people prefer not to hear. – Herbert Agar. Now, Herbert knows his “shift.”

People stay stuck, mostly because they refuse to confront their truth/reality!  

Death and taxes are not the only guarantees in life:  Truth counts as well.  Deny the truth in any area of our lives, and we soon discover that life is a game of undesirable consequences.

True honesty, self-respect, trust, authenticity and characters are built on truth.

The acceptance of truth is a moral obligation, not an option.  Why? The reason is both simple and profound; lies destroy progress, compromise character, undermine reputations, and ruin relationships with others and ourselves.


Truth is what it is – the truth! Our health, wealth, relationships, and peace of mind are what they are.

We choose our behaviour, and we choose the consequences of that behaviour - - for better or worse.

If we’re not happy with our current results or consequences in our lives right now, then we have only ONE choice to make, choose better behaviour.

Either change our behaviour, or pay the consequences of our own ignorance.

To live authentically is to live transparently.  People who consistently win have no room in their lives for denial, fantasy or fiction.

They are self-critical rather than self-deluding, and they hold themselves to high but realistic standards.

Every decision about our lives must be based on truth, as that is the gateway to authenticity, and the single best catalyst for change. Confront truth and reality as it is, not as it was or as we wish it to be.

Questions we need to ask on a regular basis???

What are we pretending not to know?

What truth are we hiding from?

What part of our reality do we find undesirable?

Denial makes us do this!

Refusing to see or acknowledge what is right in front of us – truth, is a way of coping, but in the end we only survive, we do not thrive.

We MUST have a plan, we must enforce better behaviours, and we must choose a new strategy.  There is no other way!

We also need to understand one major factor……no one achieves their full potential alone. Successful people ask for help. Every single one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially  Me.


The right questions for any relationship